White Tail Deer and Bear Hunts

We specialize in hunting Trophy Quality White Tail Deer and Black Bears.

Trophy White Tail Deer Hunts

We have exclusive outfitting rights on 140,000 acres of prime Saskatchewan White Tail Deer Area. Our hunts are tailored strictly towards hunting mature bucks. The hunts are a full 6 days and with the extensive use of trail cameras we put you in the right place so you have the best chance at that “Buck of a lifetime”, EVERY time you hunt with us.

We only take 40 hunters per year (8 clients per hunt), so it gives our clients approximately 17,500 acres per person and plenty of mature bucks to hunt. This also puts very little pressure on our bucks and gives them the time needed to grow to the 160 class bucks that we all like to hunt. The lodge is located in the forest near the center of our lease. The lodge is fully modern with all the comforts of a five star hotel including an excellent Chef.

Our average score on bucks taken in the last 3 years is 160 B&C. This is the gross score on these bucks with the largest in the last three years being a 189 inch typical. I have been guiding in this area for 31 years and to date we have taken 4 bucks over 200 inches with the high score to date being a 235 inch non-typical. You should join us and be the one to take him off the top of the list!!!

We have a very high number of repeat clients. However, if you are interested in hunting a place where YOU know that you will be hunting 160 class or better bucks, then just get in touch with me and I will send you more information and get you on our waiting list.

Something we do at Otter Creek that very few hunting camps do is that we share the trail camera pictures with our clients/friends. After all it is our job to get you an opportunity at the best buck that we know of. It is much easier to pass up a 150 class buck when you KNOW there’s a bigger buck at your stand site every night.

Bear Hunts

We offer the traditional Spring bear hunt as well as a very exciting late August bear hunt.

Spring bear hunts take place during the month of May, hunts are 5 days, with the third hunt of the year being 6 days

The fall bear hunt takes place in the last week of August. This hunt is incredible due to the fact that the bears are in a feeding “Frenzy” and it is common to have 6 to 8 mature bears in sight at one time (as pictured in our bear information). It is common to take bears weighing over 400 pounds on this hunt.

We have a very good population of bears on our hunting lease, as well as some brown and blonde color phase bears. We do not put a lot of pressure on our bears, so you will see several bears every night. Since we only hunt bears in the evenings, you have plenty of time during the day to go fishing for Rainbow Trout & Splake (hybrid trout).